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sleeping on hay

... an unforgettable experience  ...

You can sleep almost anywhere and you have certainly tried some of the unusual places. We would like to offer you another. Sleeping in the hay is an unforgettable experience. It's comfortable and romantic. There is a connection with nature and history.


In fact, they sleep on straw and not on hay, because it is more suitable for this purpose. Our ancestors already knew this and filled their mattresses with straw. Straw has excellent thermal insulation properties, does not absorb moisture and is easily accessible. Don't worry, we won't force you to sleep somewhere on a haystack or in a barn or barn. We have a stylish house ready for you - Straw under millions of stars.

This stylish house is ready for you in a magical place in the heart of the Giant Mountains. It stands directly below Sněžka near the Hut in Obří dole, which also provides it with quality service - food, drink, hygiene, facilities and transport. Its size is ideal for 2 people. Its dominant feature is a huge straw bed and a partially transparent roof. There is also a small seating area and some practical accessories.


In addition to original sleeping and great views, you can enjoy breakfast served directly in bed or a picnic in the adjacent meadow. We will be happy to prepare other services for you at your request. To make the straw sleeping experience perfect, the straw hat is built with as much natural materials as possible from the surrounding area. Straw bales are  from the farm in Mladé Buky, rods for joining from overgrowth trees in the vicinity. Old pallets were used on the floor and the rest of the wood was saved from burning. The only compromise is a transparent plexiglass roof and the screws used for the connection.


Unfortunately, a straw hat with millions of stars is not suitable for allergy sufferers and people sensitive to staying in nature.

Attention Slamák is in operation only in the summer months (May - September)

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